Saturday, March 07, 2015

When that long road ends,and they lower me down,
I wonder how many will be standing around?

Will anyone know all the places I've been?
Will they know of all the sunsets that I've seen?

Did I tell enough stories about the lessons that I learned?
Did I share important things,like bridges being burned?

Did I mention there are those,just born to hate?
Did I warn them never draw to an inside straight?

When they tell you there is ice on the east side of donner.
Pull over,chain up,even if you don't wanna!

Or the time I backed a mile with a trailer load of charmin.
The moral of that story was to never trust garmin.

When your drunk in Tijuana and a girl starts acting flirty,
Keep an eye out for her boy freind and assume he'll fight dirty.

If you're on the side of the road,with a cop at your door,
Don't mention his mamma, or use the word whore.

When it's 20 below, and you get out of the truck to pee,
always remember to bring the door key.

You parked on a hill cause you got there so late,
always remember to  pop your brakes.

If you're at a table in vegas and you're up a thousand bucks,
For the love of God,go back to the truck!

If a chick with stubble says "her" name is delicious,
Run don't walk,you were right to be suspicious!

If a biker named snake says with his old lady you were flirtin,
It takes three months for a busted nose to stop hurtin.

If you're waiting on the doctor with your patience worn thin,
He'll be in 10 seconds after you decide to pass wind.

When you've flipped the bird to a dude with prison tats,
A mile down the road,you're gonna have a flat.

When you're showing off a new gun that couldn't be sweeter,
Act like you meant it when you shoot the water heater.

This final bit of wisdom,I hope I made clear,
enjoy every day God gives you ,till you punch out of here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Whiskey and cigarettes demanded a price
Years of hard living took years off my life
When I look in a mirror,this is what I see
30 years of trucking looking back at me

It's been a good run,with the peaks and the valleys
Now sitting in the sun is my grand finale
I've had my fill of terror, thrills and excitement
I made through all that,without an indictment

The pain and the loss have had no equal
It's the end of my road,there won't be a sequel
All those years with my face in the wind
I met a lot people and I might of even sinned

But no regrets, it's the life I chose
I rambled and I wandered and I followed my nose
I rolled with the punches,and I kept on truckin
I did it till the job started really suckin

You see they just can't stand to see a spirit on the loose
So they reined us all in,they said our speed was profuse
With computers on the engine they now had the power
To rule the last Cowboys from their ivory tower

then the cops soon realized that it was easy and neat
to pick the dying bones of trucking of its last and final meat
The wild,free and scofflaws are now gone forever
replaced by those who think trucking is just a simple endeavor

It used to be a choice you made,trucking,or life
now theres no commitment needed,you can even bring your wife
you dont need strong arms to turn that wheel
power steering is great,but it took away the feel

and last and final thing,that kept the weak from disguising
was the 13 gears that took skill to be driving
 bubba,hank and lefty,are names from old school
replaced by muhamed,kaleef and abdul

It was a sad day for me, when trucking died
Ive never fit in anywhere else I applied
yeah trucking was tough and yes it was dirty
but I packed 90 years of living into just over 30
I sit beside the woodstove
The dog on my lap
Away from all the noises
That could interupt his nap

The ugliness of living
starts to melt itself away
The cost of being human
Is a price we all must pay

My feet are getting warm now
My heart begins to slow
The fire crackles quietly
As I watch the yellow show

My mind begins to wander
Through the years that made my life
Before I was a trucker
Before I met my wife

I sift through all the memories
I pick out some I like
The time I caught that great big trout
And my first 10 speed bike

My legs have finally warmed now
My muscles have relaxed
The dog is running in his sleep
Protecting us from attacks

I come across some memories
That I choose not to stir
Its best I leave them lying
In the darkness where they were

Its soulful introspection
That helps to smooth the way
to get up every morning
grateful for the day

Saturday, December 27, 2014

50 years of TV,took its toll upon my brain
It started when I realized my bologna had a name
Each time I make a sandwich,I feel compelled to say
cause oscar meyer has a way with b-o-l-o-g-n-a

It happens when I'm driving
I deserve a break today
when I'm shopping for new sneakers
so get up and get away

Its not just me this happens to,
It happens to my wife
she opened up the fridge and said
we bring good things to life

I'm certain that their efforts
were in no way malicious
But I can't stop from thinking
that they're magically delicious

I went to town on thursday
To put money in the bank
On the way I stopped for gas
And put a tiger in my tank

I like to drink some coffee
In the morning when I'm up
Then I realized that the best part
Is folgers in my cup

I finish with my coffee 
Then I shower for a while
I don't remember how long
But aren't you glad I used dial

If you're lost in the city
And you've got a place to be
just ask any mermaid
that you happen to see

lately I've been thinking
I want to be all I can be
But then I finally realized 
I just want my MTV

I've been having problems 
with my wifes old car
So I asked what she'd do
for a klondike bar

I called her at home and asked her
what you want for supper
she said I don't care 
But bring home quicker picker upper

I give this advice
to those who have it rough
Remember what you're made of
You were built ford tough

I dont like to argue 
I dont like to fight
But it absolutely positively
needs to be there overnight

I went to california
An old friend to meet
He brought some rice a roni
Its the san fransisco treat

Ive traveled quite extensively
but I never did see
anyone that doesn't 
actually like sara lee.

I'm gonna try and end this now
But Id really like to say
dont hate me cause im beautiful
and its really parkay

I've fallen and I cant get up
I didn't know I should
and with a name like smuckers
It has to be good

Ok I really mean it now
but just one last thing
All Ive ever wanted was 
to teach the world to sing

Byyyyyyyyyyy menon

Brad Dawson
All rights reserved

Friday, December 19, 2014

    A much better life 


I sit here in the Morning
Before the sun comes up
Accompanied by fur kids
That's two dogs and a pup
I'll leave the front door open
While I percolate a cup
To hear the night sounds fade away
As the day starts waking up.
It gives me time to ruminate
Reflecting on my life
It's when I count my blessings
And I thank him for my wife
Then one more cup to start the day
And out the door I go
First stop is the hen house
Where My voice they always know
Then over to the garden where my favorite veggies grow
Later on I'll find myself,beneath the big oak tree
Sipping on a nice cold glass of homemade sweet ice tea
It's the kind of life I dreamed of
While driving all those years
No more highway madness
No more financial fears
I live my life for sunshine now
Not for shifting gears
It makes dumb people smarter
it heals the sick and wounded while it makes veins even harder
Removes rust from a bumper as it brings about world peace
I've cooked it for my better friends,a cousin and a niece
It tastes great on a summer day
It warms you when it's cold
Sizzling bacon in a fry pan is a sound that don't get old
It's packed with all the vitamins a healthy body needs
It makes folks use good manners saying "after you" and "please"
Honesty's important when describing how you feel
So I truly think that bacon should be served at every meal
I didn't always feel like this in fact those years were wasted
I wonder if pigs would eat themselves
If the knew how good they tasted.
              My life

Two white beams of light
piercing holes through veil of night
twin chrome pipes 13,6 high
scream black smoke up at the sky
18 wheels that rumble thunder
concrete passing swiftly under
caterpillar engine,600 horse
13 gears to stay the course
cabbage,sisters,peterbilt class
tehachapi,donner,wolf creek pass
Lightning, snow storms,dime sized hail
hurricane winds and trucker scale
truckstop,wilcox, eggs and ham
hashbrowns, toast, black coffee ma'am
for 35 years from sea to sea
my wife,my dog,my truck and me
now she likes to tend the flowers
and I'm glad theres no line for showers
we sit beneath the old oak tree
just her,the dog,and tired me
from tall and young and pretty dang stout
to gray and old and worn plumb out
Thank you Lord, for all those years
of safely shifting 13 gears
for miles and miles of memories
of my wife ,my dog,my truck and me.
Brad Dawson,copyright,all rights reserved
         The bayou calls me back

Louisiana bayous,have this knack
Wherever you go, they call you back
You can't pin it down,to just one thing
Catfish jump,and cajuns sing
The spanish moss,blows in the breeze
Nutra play,among the cypress knees
Old man floating down the bayou slow
Jon boat,cane pole,old pireaux ( pronounced pee-row)
Catching crappie,perch,and brim
From the church up the bayou I can hear em sing a hymn
Piers that are tilted
Houses that are stilted
Young man on the bank,cause his love has been jilted
Alligator floating through the cypress trees
They're the kings of the bayou, they go where they please
Its where I was born, It's where I'll die
The bayou calls me back and I can't tell you why
It might be Voodoo, it might be a spell
Theres magic on the bayou and you're not supposed to tell
So come on down,and sit for a while
Let your heart and your soul enjoy a slower lifestyle
It clears your mind,it clears your head
You were told it was money but you've been mislead
You see happiness, can not be bought
It won't come in your check no matter what you were taught
It's in a cast iron pan ,when the fish get fried
It's at the end of the pole where the hook gets tied
It's in the warm breeze blowing,the comfort of knowing
That No matter what's wrong,the bayou keeps flowing
It aint for sale,Its nothing you can buy
Because The bayou calls you back and I can't tell you why
                               My Dad

He was a hard old man,he was downright mean
But he taught me how to build things that wouldnt never lean
He taught me how to plumb,level and square 
There aint a damn thing I can't build or repair
He taught me how to weld and cut with a torch
while other kids were home sitting on their back porch
50 years later not a day goes by
That I dont use a skill that my Dad supplied
I never understood why he was so cold
But it doesnt really matter now that I've grown old
With 5 hungry kids he was always there
We never went hungry,we had clothes to wear
Theres something to say,about a steady old dude
I wish that I had shown a little gratitude
Its to late now,he's long since passed
I wish that I could thank him for the skills that I amassed
Id like to think,that he comes around
When I'm shaping steel or tear an engine down
It took a lot of hard years for my anger to soften
When I think about him now I dont get mad very often
I think about the day,a memory I save
When he showed me how to setup that old southbend lathe
Then he said tomorrow,dont be late
I'll show you where to set the heat for quarter inch plate
To end this poem,I havent got a plan
So ill just say I miss you ,you cranky old man.
    slow bayou life

Slowly rolling bayou
Water Black as night
Alligator floating by
Eyes red and bright
Coon is at the waters edge
Caught himself a frog
Shoulda payed attention
Stead a settin on a log
Cypress trees with knobby knees
Full of Spanish moss
The symbiotic friendship
Causes neither any loss
They came from Argentina
A hundred years past
Myocastor coypus
The nutria rat
They've acclimated well
Adapted to our clime
They have no fear of anything
Their position is sublime
I paddle down the bayou
Checking my trot line
The catfish and the brim I catch
Will feed my family fine
The tree frogs and the crickets
Compete to fill my ears
I'm glad I'll be a part of this
the remainder of my years
I think about how wrong I was
For all those years I spent
Chasing after happiness
In the places that I went
I was in my middle 50,s
When I finally saw the light
The good life that I wanted
Was the bayou late at night
I no longer have an income
That you can count in dollars
But I'm among the richest
Though they're not considered scholars
Since giving up the truckers life
I've learned a thing or two
choose a happy smaller life
Or life will choose for you
Brad Dawson

      Christmas spirit

I'm watching on the news
shoppers trying to be first
But what I really see
Is human nature at its worst
I try to think back
What point did this go wrong
Since I started paying attention
I've said this can't go on for long
How much do I value
The life beside me
The answer is easy
Less than a new tv
Is this the kind of love
That Jesus tried to spread
To trample on our brothers
To kill each other dead
The entire reason
We celebrate this time
Is to glorify the father
Not the newest Barbie line
You have mothers having fist fights
Inside the toys are us
To grab the latest doll
Cause this years drives a bus
Our children watch us closely
Since we,re not home to teach
They mimic our behavior
cause the bibles out of reach
I make this solemn promise
In the hopes it mends my heart
This sickening display
I will not be a part
Brad Dawson

That kenworth logo sure looks good
6 feet away at the front of my hood
my studio sleeper has room to spare
Feels like home when you're laying back there
I got chrome everywhere from stem to stern
8 inch straight pipes,guess I'll never learn
Train horns hidden up under the cab
On a custom made bracket that I had to fab
Chrome vinyl letters spell my company name
For 30 odd years it's remained the same
Big Texas bumper just clears the ground
In my humble opinion it's the coolest truck around
Its a bonafide show truck sure enough
Two tanks and 6 rims,by hand they get buffed
For those that say its all show and no go
I got a 600 cat just in case you didn't know
Pittsburg power makes my kitty kat scream
when I mash on the gas don't be standing downstream
when I'm descending donner and I hit full jake
don't blame me when your eardrums break
I haul air freight from coast to coast
thumbs up,pictures taken,thats fact not boast
Pull into a truck stop gotta swing wide
300 inch wheelbase with kenworth pride
Through the parking lot I go at a double slow crawl
Shinin and gleaming,look but don't touch y'all
Out the rolled down windows my radio sends
The Road Goes on forever and the party never ends
Don't do this for money don't tell my wife
This ain't just my job,but it is my whole life
Brad Dawson

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

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